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Tankie TeaTime Show

DJ-Tankie (Scott Westwood)

Assistant Station Manager

Tankie's TeaTime - Tuesdays & Wednesdays - 6pm until 8pm

Tankie's Weekend Breakfast - Saturday & Sundays - 8am until 10am

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My Story

I'm 28 years old and proud father to 3 children, one at 10 years old, 2nd at 4 years old and a 3rd one due Feb 2024. I'm also a happy husband.

I have been DJ'ing since I was around 6 years old as a hobby then started going out with my father at kids events etc and went from there. I lvoed mobile dj'ing for around 22 years but stopped due to my full time job becoming more demanding. I have worked as a door supervisor for 7 years and decided to do something different and do some retail work but I was still after a hobby for the wekends and that's when I found Feel Good ThrowBacks Radio and fell deep into it due to my background of DJ'ing


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