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Sy Whitehead

DJ-Sy (Simon Whitehead)

Dy-Sy - ThrowBacks Classics

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My Story

Mobile DJ since the age of 16. First Radio Presenting position was at Halton Community Radio based in Runcorn where I stayed for 5 years and where I learned not just how to present a show but I also gain experience in radio management as well.

I moved house to be closer to my mum and dad in 2010 and then had a little time away from radio to concentrate on family matters.
I then in 2019 joined Dane Sound Community Radio In Holmes Chapel where I have been for the last 5 years.

I have joined feelgood throwbacks radio in Winsford as I'm excited at the project and direction in which it's heading and I love new challenges and finding new experiences. 

My show will be called Sy's Throwback Classics. Where any kind of classic goes from the 80's,90's,00's. 

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