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Paul Bannister

DJ-B3ee (Paul Bannister)

DJ-B3ee aka Paul Bannister is the owner and founder of Feel Good ThrowBacks Radio in Winsford. 

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My Story

I'm 44 years old - father of 2 children, 11 years old and 7 years old. I have been around music all my life, I'm grade 8 piano, grade 5 violin. 

Last year my uncle passed away so I aquired his DJ equipment and started DJ'ing around and about. I then thought wonder how easy it is to do radio. I used to be on Cheshire Choice Radio in Northwich. I looked into it and hence Feel Good ThrowBacks Radio was formed. Apart from the big named 80s and 90s stations like Absolute Radio and Heart Radio, in Cheshire there wasn't really an 80s 90s 00s station so hence why I formed it. 

I love doing my shows
My Current Shows are: 

Mon - Fri - Breakfast Show - 7am until 10am
Mon - Fri - DriveTime Show - 4pm until 7pm
Sundays - Country Favourites - 7pm until 10pm

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